10 Best Content Marketing Tools For 2022

Websites and blogs have become the next cool thing to market your products or services. As the marketing platforms have drastically changed, so are the rules of content marketing. Nowadays, content appears as the most suitable way to attract more eyes towards you.

Do you know 82% of the marketers have used content marketing last year? This year the emphasis is growing more. Since the use of blog posts is increasing and the channels to market your content is on steroids. You need to shift towards effective content marketing strategies and tools to give your content the expansion it deserves.

This article will provide you the nitty-gritty of almost 20 content marketing tools you should use this year. Keep one thing in mind that there is no one size fits all tool, that’s why we have given various tools that may augment your marketing efforts at different stages in your journey.

Why content marketing is so important?

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Nowadays, people seek to solve their problems, that’s why they go online. They are looking for some genuine advice and practical solutions to their problems. Rigorous sales pitches and direct marketing are also important to land customers but they aren’t effective for leads and those who do not know your brand. So, marketing through content appears to be a viable option to educate your readers and resolve their issues through high-quality content.

Thus, content marketing is very important for your business growth and you should create an effective content strategy to meet your marketing goals. Moreover, high-quality content can help you in various ways:

Your business will be available for a large audience:

Content Marketing Helps To Reach Large Audience
Target audience

Thanks to SEO, when you calibrate your content for a website or blog, it surges to the top-ranking position in the SERPs. You are sure to get more eyes on your content and your blog becomes visible to them. In return, those who aren’t familiar with your line of work, get to know you. Thus, a well-written blog will spread your word more speedily than simple sales copies of your products.

You will become an authority in your niche:

Needless to say, when you post regularly about your business and your readers like what you say, you develop a kind of credibility. People consider you an authority in the brand they are dealing with and will help you reach the epitome of success. With consistent content creating and successful marketing you will ultimately reach the point when your audience starts believing you as the final verdict.

You will retain your customers:

As far as inbound strategies are concerned, content marketing is one of the best ways to go. When you have the knack for actionable content marketing strategies, you retain your customers because you remain with them throughout the buyer’s journey. Since you develop trust with your readers through the content you are posting on your blog.

Your readers resonate with you and kind of develop sympathy for your brand because you are providing value to them through your content. Hence content marketing is in itself the best way to show your audience about your business whereby solving their issues.

10 best content marketing tools in 2022:

There are a lot of tools on the internet that help you in your product’s marketing. Some of them are helpful at the very initial stages like writing exceptional content. While others are necessary to manage your content on the internet. Some other tools leverage the marketing aspect of your content. Being a content marketer, you must select the right tools for the right purposes. There these tools will help you throughout your marketing journey.

So, let’s start without any fuss. First, let’s talk about the writing phase. Before getting the content published and seen by your readers, you have to first write it down. Writing effective and valuable content that is unique is a  cardinal part of your overall content marketing. Let’s talk about some of those tools.


Ahrefs Tool

It is an all-in-one SEO and content marketing tool. Primary based on competitive content optimization, it takes care of all the essential stuff needed to help you grow your business. Being a marketer, you may have your own blog or a website, so you always need to know the issues behind your low visibility. There comes the site audit option in ahrefs which you can use to find out key problems in your website.

Moreover, you can use this tool to explore any website’s domain rating as well as key performing keywords. Thus, you can get a whole range of keywords to develop your own off-page link profile. Keeping all the things on the right track, you can easily market your content for better reach. However, it’s not a free tool. You have to access a subscription to use it. Yet, its packages are worth it.

Answer the public:

Content Marketing Questions
Answer the public

As the name suggests, it is basically a platform where you can get ideas to converge your content. In content marketing, user intent plays a major role. As you are writing content for the public, you need to know what they are searching for. That’s why this tool comes in handy in helping you track down the major search queries around a particular topic.

Without market research, you can’t imagine growing your business at length. So, this platform is no less than a gold mine for marketers. You can enter a query to see a plethora of results that people mostly search for. You can divulge major keywords to find them there and them in your content.

It is free to use, but you can get enhanced features after upgrading it to pro. So, instead of guesswork, you can find the right nerve of your audience and rank better.


Canva Tool

Hundreds of dollars are being spent on graphics for your brand marketing. People hire designers to design a single banner. It takes time and resources to create all that stuff. However, now you can get your graphics at a much lower price in minimal time thanks to canvas.

This tool helps you create graphics and images of your choice even you do not need any software like illustrator. You can simply sign in to this tool. There are a lot of free templates there for you to just get started.

However, you can access some premium features with a paid version. It will unleash your creativity to the next level.

Plagiarism checker:

Plagiarism is a menace to your content. All your marketing efforts become zero if your content contains plagiarism. That’s why you need to check it for plagiarism every once in a while before pushing the publish button. This tool is personally one of the favorite plagiarism checkers seen on the internet some time ago. The reason is that it’s free of cost and is easily accessible. Once you have come up with your content and are ready to publish it. Just stop for a quick check. This tool will let you know the percentage of duplicate content in your text. In this way, you would easily eradicate it from your text.

Plagiarism Checker

Whether you have copied intentionally or the duplicate content just slipped past into your text, it finds it in seconds. Thus, it keeps you updated with plagiarized text, as it scans through millions of web pages, pdfs, social media content, and research papers. You better know that content’s similarity deeply affects how your audience is going to perceive it.  On the other hand, it is also bad for SEO, as you may also get penalized for plagiarizing someone’s text.


Content marketing remains incomplete without interactive pictures that attract your readers. Whether you are going to write a quick social media post or you opt to write a 4000-word blog, you need to have the right kind of images in your text. They play a vital role in marketing your content and keeping the readers engaged to read your content fully.

Pexels is not just an option, it’s one of the best platforms to find copyright-free images for your next piece of content. The best thing about this tool is that it does not cost you anything to get high-definition images for your blog. It has an explore feature where you can find the required cool stuff. Moreover, you can also search to find the related images. Use pixels in your content marketing strategy and add some cool pictures in context with the written text.


Blog writers are always searching to come up with new ideas and ways to express their text. The content landscape is changing rapidly. The content you published a month ago needs refreshing otherwise it will become obsolete and irrelevant. Therefore, content marketers use paraphrasing tools first to avoid plagiarism, and second, to give a unique touch to their writing.

Therefore, paraphraser is an uncommon tool that uses AI to create creative content without changing ideas much. You can now get rid of duplicate content free of a cost paraphrasing tool. This tool has also three modes of paraphrasing and the AI mode is the best when you want to add a flair to your writing. It not only maintains the original meanings but also expresses your text with new words.

Hemingway Editor:

Hemingway Editor Tool

Are you in need of some best writing assistant so you can produce effective content? Then you should try Hemingway. Instead of spending a fortune on hiring an assistant or a writer, you can use this tool to write with flair. This tool provides you all the editing options you get in a usual notepad or a word processor. That said, it gives some extra features like sentence analyzing. It highlights the errors and also provides suggestions to create exceptional content best for marketing.

Moreover, it shows the number of words in your text along with the readability score. The more your content is readable, the better it is for marketing purposes. So, you can uplift your content with Hemingway editor and create awesome blog posts, and sales copies.


Mixkit is a wholesome package for your content marketing. It is a platform containing all the multimedia content for your own content creation. Videos and sounds are very important for your marketing. The reason is that it produces a soothing impact on your people’s ears. A lot goes into human psychology as to how our minds respond to music, sounds, and videos.

That is the reason Mixkit provides you a whole range of videos, music, and sound effects. You can choose free as well as paid content and use it to market your own content. Can you imagine you can now avail more than 100 HD videos for free? Don’t wait, go and grab the best videos.

Hubspot blog ideas generator:

Content marketing is all about planning and ensuring that everything goes according to your plans. Only then you can create well-thought-out content. Sometimes things don’t go as planned and you might need instant ideas for your blog posts. In that case, Hubspot comes to your rescue. You can use the blog ideas generator to find the relevant ideas on which you can write your blog.

It highlights some headlines which you can use as a single idea for free. You can also manipulate more than one idea. However, you can unlock several ideas after accessing the paid options. It is a good tool when you don’t know what to write as it provides you with the basic guidelines around the topic.


Content management is very much important when you have to deal with day-to-day content production. You cannot start haphazardly without proper planning, assigning, and creating tasks. You might have a team of content writers and you need to publish content daily. You should therefore need a tool that manages every aspect of your content.

That all comes in a single tool called Trello. You can create tasks with this tool. Assign members in your projects and then create boards to tell them what they have to do. Then you can create specific cards that contain topics along with deadlines. In this way, you can easily keep track of all your work done.

The good thing is you can go with free access, however, you can get a subscription either standard, premium, or enterprise. Keep all your workflows streamlined to reach your marketing goals in time.

Final words:

Content marketing is all about creating content that hits the sore spot of readers and wins lots of customers. There are tremendous ways to market your content with blog posts to name only one. However, you cannot handle the marketing on your own. You always need a proper team with a set of tools. You can find some of them in this article. Check these tools and let us know with your suggestions in the comments.