A Guide To Lead Generation Strategies

B2B lead generation content strategies for B2B business

Generating B2B leads is not an easy task. With the rise of social media and content marketing, B2B lead generation strategies have evolved. Whether you are a B2B organization or an individual, content marketing can help you generate leads. There are many ways to generate leads through content marketing strategies. 

In this blog, I’ve listed the top eight B2B lead generation strategies through content.

Here are a few simple B2B lead generation content strategies:

Inbound marketing

If you are like most B2B professionals, you are probably thinking about what an inbound marketing strategy is. More and more companies are realizing the importance of blogging. It is now considered one of the most effective B2B lead generation strategies. 

If you are using blog content, make sure that you generate quality content for getting more leads and sales from inbound marketing. Note to share only content that will give your brand exposure in the business world. There are various levels of visibility of your brand, so choose wisely. Some of these are paid advertising and some are organic. As a B2B professional, you are always in a better position to drive sales and increase brand visibility. The content you share should reflect this intent.

Social media marketing

Content marketing can be conducted with the help of social media platforms. The process of generating B2B leads through social media is very similar to the process of generating B2C leads. In fact, every method of content marketing can be implemented to generate leads through social media. 

Here are the most popular social media channels that B2B lead generation services providers use. Social media marketing channels such as Medium, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest. 

Email marketing

Email marketing is perhaps the most cost-effective and convenient way of content marketing. Most people are on the receiving end of emails on a daily basis. People don’t delete emails as often as they used to. This makes email marketing an ideal lead generation strategy. Procure leads from your past customers with regular emails. 

Ask your existing customers for feedback and to provide you with their email addresses. Typically, you’ll get a response from 50 percent of your existing customers. B2B marketing agencies often opt for email marketing to convert these leads into customers.

Pop ups for forms

Pop ups forms are still a pain. But not if they are placed in an irresistible context. In an article by Flying V Group, Robb recommends several approaches for businesses to generate more leads through pop-ups. Some of his advice includes: Conduct multiple audits to see what’s working and what isn’t. 

Start with one online form on your landing page or website page. If that’s not resonating, add another one. Automate form and other the corresponding forms, so that your B2B digital marketing leads are all automated. It is a simple strategy with significant results, give it a shot!

Get trusted backlinks

One of the top content marketing strategies for generating leads is getting trusted backlinks. Whether you’re trying to get leads in the B2B space or not, you can still generate leads by sharing trusted, positive content that will help your content rank in search results. 

Here’s an example. If you’re building a brick-and-mortar restaurant, I would recommend that you share positive stories about your food. If you are a local restaurant, you can share some tips about what makes your restaurant special and have followers share the post as well. 

In addition to creating an endless stream of high-quality content, getting a trusted backlink from your customers,influential bloggers or website owners will be a huge help in your SEO efforts.

Personalize your digital content

People like it when the content is tailored specifically to their interests. Most of us feel more relaxed if a piece of content reflects our personality. To get the most out of content marketing, you need to understand who your target audience is. Content marketers should know what the target audience likes to read, watch, listen to, and watch online. 

Personalization is the perfect way to ensure your message is more in-line with their liking. It’s also worth noting that your target audience isn’t always interested unless you offer them relevancy. However, even if you aren’t sure of your audience, you can still make content relevant at all platforms to receive better reach.

Create impressive landing pages

You cannot create leads for your sales team without building a quality landing page. Your landing pages are the first step in the sales funnel. You must focus on increasing your conversion rate by trying to land more and more users on your landing page. If the conversion rate is low, then your conversion rate is not going to increase. Although landing pages are not a guaranteed option, they are a good option for generating leads. 

There are tons of landing pages available on the Internet. The most important thing is that your landing page should meet the needs of your prospects. It is critical that you have a content strategy while designing this page. In the first couple of sections of your landing page, you should address the benefits of your product or solution. It is the next step to get past your prospects’ objections.

Enhance Website Content

Make your website look appealing and well designed to deliver quality content. The content is the most important part of your website. Hence, it’s important to make sure your content is attractive and comes in a good format. Make sure you build engaging, useful and effective content and make it relevant to your target audience as well as to the search engine. 

Post great content on your website. It helps in gaining trust, engagement, and ultimately leads to sales. Take care of your CTA or call to action. If you are an e-commerce website, you can create a task list like “Complete this task and get free gifts” or “Complete this task and get free mobile repair.” It’s essential to give something to the visitor. The visitor should be engaged while interacting with your website.

Summing up

Creating compelling content isn’t just about word count, it’s a powerful lead generation tool. Create great content that can convert visitors into customers. Ideally, you should create more and more content per week for all your digital platforms to keep a constant approach. Read through this complete guide to b2b content marketing strategy to get more insights.

But this isn’t the only way to create quality leads. There are several other content strategies you can use to generate leads process for your B2B business. In the next section, we’ll go through more efficient ways you can use to create compelling content. Until then, keep following this space!