Build Your Brand Awareness With These Great Ideas

How To Build Brand Awareness: 6 Ideas To Get You Started

Brand awareness campaign is a key part of any successful business strategy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a local business, a start-up, or a multinational company, if you want to grow and succeed, you need to have brand awareness. 

Your brand is everything—and it’s the difference between being just another business and being a household name. So how do you get your brand out there? 

Here are eight ideas for building brand awareness.

How do I build brand awareness?

A lot of businesses don’t realize that there is an incredible power in writing. Building a brand pyramid can be as simple as writing an article that addresses your business’s unique selling points and setting some basic but valuable advice. Set up a social media profile. Creating a social media profile is a great way to engage your target market and communicate with your customers. 

Set up a Facebook page, and find a way to engage with customers by liking or commenting on their posts. Engaging with your target market on social media can be a simple way to build brand awareness. Tell a story. It can be difficult to sell something to someone who doesn’t see the value of your product. But it doesn’t have to be.

Brand awareness is free

Don’t spend money on advertising, or on huge and expensive print or digital ads. Focus on your human resource (HR) and your employees. Your customers and your employees are your brand ambassadors. Their word and their loyalty are your brand. Share your brand with your employees. Make sure they are passionate about your products or services. You will then be in a good position to sell your brand, engage your employees, build customer loyalty, and reach the masses. 

There is a lot of noise and it can be overwhelming. You hear lots of messages from many brands. The marketing message and the word of mouth (WHOM) messages from your company are all competing for attention. Do you need to choose one over the other? Create a consistent brand voice and establish a brand manifesto.

Utilize your employees

It’s not only your customers who can spread your brand’s message; your employees are your face in the public eye too. Your employees have influence and credibility with customers, so they’re an excellent vehicle for getting your name in front of people and making them aware of your business. 

It’s a win-win situation, you get the word out about your brand without conducting a brand exercises on advertising, and your employees benefit from the positive publicity too. Engage your customers .i.e. another great way to build brand awareness is to take direct action and let your customers share their thoughts and opinions on social media. If you want to increase brand awareness and engagement, you should consider implementing a customer feedback survey.

Use social media

With social media now being as central to businesses to raise awareness, it’s not enough to simply run Facebook or Twitter ads. You have to be on it, and you have to be active on it. Don’t worry about launching a brand page just yet. There’s no need to do anything like that until you’re ready to start looking to sell your product. 

Instead, create a presence on the social media platforms of your choice now—by following your competitors, inviting people to follow you, using hashtags, and commenting on others’ posts. The social media networks that are best suited to small businesses are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, in our experience.

Engage with your audience

The best way to build brand awareness is to engage with your audience. You might be surprised to find how many people are interested in hearing about your business. The key is to let your customers know that you’re interested in what they have to say and they will love to hear from you. Send your audience emails and ask them about topics that interest them. 

Reach out to them on social media to build the brand crowd. Ask them to recommend your product or service to their friends and family. They’ll appreciate your interest and a recommendation from you is better than any product or service they can buy from another company. Incentivize your audience. When you promote your business, provide incentives for people to share the good news with their friends and family. Take advantage of free promotion.

Create a video

In case you’re still in doubt, and you’re in need of an idea for how to build brand awareness. As a business, you need to be familiar with how the internet works. You can’t hope to build a successful brand if you don’t have a viable online presence. But YouTube is the perfect starting point. 

Its owner, Google, makes sure that its content is constantly updated and renewed, thereby providing an ever-expanding platform. One video on your channel can easily serve the purpose of promoting your brand. 

Think about your story

If you were starting out today, what would your story be? What do you want people to say about you and your business? Look back at your history and what you’ve achieved. Think about all the success you’ve achieved to get where you are now. Think about all the people who have listened to you and all the relationships you’ve formed. 

Now, think about where you’re going and what you want to achieve. You want people to look back at your brand and say, “Wow, I remember that company.” No matter how big your business is or how much money you’re raking in, your story is what’s important. 

It’s what will set you apart from the competition and will bring people to you. Think about all the stories you’ve heard about companies—these are the stories you want to be a part of.


There are numerous ways to grow your brand reach—and we hope these will help you start. We know brand awareness is tricky because it’s tied into building your personal brand, but if you take the time to build a following and engage your existing customers, it’ll go a long way. Build a community. Build a network. Build a following. They’re all crucial to building a successful brand. 

So keep reading to learn how to build brand awareness to give your business an edge. What do you think is the most effective way to get customers to consider a business to be your ‘go-to’ brand? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.