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Reseller Hosting Excellence: Top 5 Providers Revealed

In today’s fast-paced era, there are different passive income streams. Affiliate marketing is one of them, but did you know that reselling web hosting services is also possible? Yes, you heard it right! Reselling web hosting services are a good income stream. There are different cPanel reseller web hosting companies, Plesk reseller hosting companies, and others that help in building the web hosting business.

The major benefit is that the parent web hosts like MilesWeb offer all technical support, WHMCS software, and other resources. Resellers only have to calculate their margin and manage the marketing expenses. If you are looking for the best options in 2024, we are here with the top 5 reseller web hosting service providers.

Best Reseller Hosting Service Providers

1. MilesWeb

MilesWeb tops the table in our cheap reseller hosting India service provider’s list. WHMCS is an automation software used for billing, web hosting plans, and others. The leading web host offers Linux reseller hosting services with SSD NVMe storage, 24×7 support, Intel Processors, and other features.

The major USP is the 100% white-labeled reseller hosting in India services where resellers get the freedom to brand their web hosting services. Resellers can sell the service under their brand name with resources like cPanel, WHM, and others.  The web host has a global network of data centers in premium locations like the US, UK, India, and others.

There is no limitation in the database as clients get unlimited MySQL databases with exemplary storage size. As a result, they are committed to delivering the 99.95% uptime. Moreover, they provide free SSL certificates in the domain.  MilesWeb carries the trust of 50,000+ customers with excellent G2 ratings.

Cost: Plans start at ₹315 per month.

2. SiteGround

SiteGround is the next name in the reseller hosting service provider that claims to deliver unrivaled performance with its servers. With their reseller hosting services, users can easily scale up or down their resources.

SiteGround offers a different range of reseller hosting plans that are cost effective. Hence, beginners can opt for it and get quick results by making their web hosting business successful. One factor that makes it different from MilesWeb is that both Windows and Linux reseller hosting plans are available with them. However, prices are expensive and hence, resellers with a limited budget may not prefer it. If we talk about their top features, include, WordPress Autoupdates, a Free WP migrator plugin, and daily & on-demand backups.

Cost: Plans start at ₹413.49 per month.

3. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is a known name in the reseller hosting industry. They are known for delivering good quality web hosting services that ensure maximum affordability, speed performance, and security. This reseller has been in the industry for decades and has won the trust of many users.

InMotion is another reliable reseller hosting provider to use in 2024. The web host is known for delivering great hosting services that excel in affordability, speed performance, security, ease of use, etc., and are trusted by many users.

The major reason why InMotion is on our list is that it offers a complete solution for the service. It provides cPanel licenses, WHM, and WHMCS for billing like MilesWeb. Moreover,  the reseller hosting company lets you resell domain names and behave like a registrar.

Cost: Plans start at ₹1407.75 per month.

4. GreenGeeks

We have ranked GreenGeeks as #4 in our list of the best reseller hosting services in 2024. This a reliable web host to partner with if you want to start your hosting business without contributing to global warming or increasing carbon emissions. As per their claim, each hosting plan purchased by GreenGeeks equals one tree planted. Besides, it is an affordable and easy way to start your reseller business.

GreenGeeks offers WHM and installed WHCMS license for free inclusive in the plan. Rest other resources like SSD storage, customer support, and others are similar like MilesWeb. But the price factor is where GreenGeeks lags behind. Due to their premium charges, they are able to cater to a particular niche only. Whereas, MilesWeb has the upper hand because its affordable services meet the hosting needs of several customer categories.

Cost: Plans start at ₹1653.01 per month.

5. HostGator

We are concluding our list with HostGator. It also provides cPanel as a control panel while you can use the Web Host Manager (WHM) to manage the cPanel accounts of your clients. With the WHM tool, you can easily allocate server resources to every cPanel on your account.

HostGator provides an affordable way to resell your server resources with free tools and no hidden charges. The major limitation lies in their plan range. The web host has only three hosting packages all with similar features. Yet, these packages differ in terms of pricing, storage space, and bandwidth.

Cost: Plans start at ₹1819 per month.

Final Line

We have mentioned the top reseller hosts’ list with their price range and hardware specs. It is the time for users to determine which reseller hosting is suitable for them. As per the research and expert’s recommendation. MilesWeb is highly recommended to be your reseller hosting partner. They have best—in—class resources and IT infrastructure that will not let down your expectations.

Resellers will get a higher ROI with MilesWeb’s reseller hosting services. It is because they have years of experience in this industry and have a huge clientele with a 100% satisfaction rate. Higher storage, WHMCS panels, and unlimited databases help resellers to build the online presence of their clients.