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Tools All Marketers Must Use For A Successful Campaign

Tools are a necessary part of the business marketing domain. However, some marketers think they have all the tools they need to be successful and think they are well off.

Not true, my friend!

If you want to have a better chance of being successful in your business marketing, you must use a few basic marketing tools. The best marketing tools are the ones you can implement right away.

The most successful marketers will tell you that their secret of a successful campaign is getting started, testing, and learning. There are several tools that all marketers should use for a successful campaign right away.

In this article, we will go through a list of a few useful tools that all marketers must use for a successful campaign. We will talk about the need and basic elements of using these tools to make it work. Once you have all these tools, you can easily create a successful campaign for ready to roll.

Different Types of Tools all Marketers Must Use:

1. Content Creation Tools:

“As a copywriter, I am always asked, what are the top content creation tools that I use for content marketing? For me, there are not just a few tools in the toolbox that I think of using; it’s an integrated effort with multiple softwares, making it work.

 The most important tool all marketers must-have is writing software that allows you to write, proofread and revise the content work before submitting it to the major article directories. Here is my top personal choice of writing software that I would recommend to new writers and marketers.


This grammar editing tool has quickly become a “must-have” for many writers in the last few years. It allows you to check spelling, grammar, and minor writing mistakes easily. Once you proofread your piece, it gives you the option to make small changes or corrections to your article before submitting it to the directory. Grammarly plagiarism is also a useful feature that will help you create unique content.

Grammarly comes in several different versions, so you can choose the one that suits your style best. The free version suggests you only limited mistakes or edits. Still, the Pro version enables you to scan the document entirely for correctness, clarity, engagement, delivery, and style for you to get the best possible version of your content.


The prowritingaid tool is another grammarly alternative that is a powerful content editing, and plagiarism checking software available as a desktop application and software/programs download. The biggest advantage to this software compared to the others on my list is that it gives you the ability to instantly access articles you have written and save them as PDF’s, Word documents, and other document formats.

All marketers must own a PC or laptop to download and run Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint content files. ProWritingAid gives you access to all the features you need to create, edit and send content PDFs. Another advantage of using Article Pro is that it does not require installing any extra plug-ins or software to use it; it just acts as an add-on or extension.

There are hundreds and thousands of websites out there that need content written for them every day for getting found in the search engines. If you have decent articles and submit them to a couple of popular directories, you will see an increase in targeted traffic.

But before that, when you are writing your article, don’t forget to check your blog through various tools such as Grammarly, ProWritingAid for grammatical errors. You also need to check your writing for plagiarism with tools like Small SEO Tool, QueText, etc.

2. Video Creation Softwares

If you’re part of the visuals marketing industry, you know how important it is to get the most out of the tools you can use to build your business. Marketing is not easy, and it’s even harder when you’re starting in an overcrowded market.

The good news is that with the right video graphics tools, any business owner or marketing manager should achieve success. There are a few video creation tools that every successful marketer should have in their arsenal.

Video creation is a little bit more detail-oriented, but don’t worry. You will still find plenty of reliable, trusted tools to create exotic videos that will drive your marketing campaigns. Use the best video creation tools to develop an engaging piece and then optimize them for the search engines.

AVS video editor:

The first of the list of tools all marketers must use for a successful campaign is the avs video editor. It is a video editing software for Windows. This tool will allow you to edit your videos immediately after you import them, and it also allows you to make any changes that will help your video go viral.

Once you have imported a video and saved it as a file, you are ready to edit your video. This is where the AVS video editor comes in handy. You will find that this tool can make editing your video as easy as possible, but it’s you who have to bring in the creative angle.

You can also use other tools such as goanimate to create brilliant videos for your marketing campaigns.

3. Backlinking

Backlinks are extremely important if you want to be successful online. Without backlinks, your website will never be found, and people won’t even know you exist. All marketers who aim to make a successful campaign need to know about backlinking tools that will make their life simpler and easier.

Link Research Tool:

Link Research Tool is one of the most useful things that marketers can use to their advantage for creating. This tool can help a marketer determine the effective anchor texts that link back to your site. This will help you choose the keywords that you need to use for your successful campaign. 

It will also show you which keywords will be more effective and what you should use to avoid getting penalized by search engines.

Spy Tool:

The Spy Tool will show you the link shares that other sites are using on their pages. This means that you will find out what your competitors are doing on the most effective link networks in the world. To be successful, you need links from high-quality sources to run your landing page campaign. 

Link Spies can help you determine the link sources that are going to be effective for your campaigns. It also allows you to choose which search engines have banned link sources.

Link Detox:

Link Detox and linkody are other effective link research tools available on the Internet if Google has penalized your website. Stop losing your precious marketing budget and save your site with Link Detox. This tool is the ultimate solution for toxic links audit and risk analysis.

These tools help you clean out the toxic link sources on your site so that you can achieve a better rank within major search engines. You will have to take some time to analyze your links to make sure that they are toxic and need to be removed to keep your ranking up.

4. SEO tools:

There are so many tools that marketers can download over the Internet. Some of these are free, while others may cost you a little bit for premium services, but some of these free tools can help any individual marketer be successful.

Most successful marketers use content Marketing Tools. The best of these tools allow you to quickly create articles containing a keyword or a phrase related to your business. The articles that you write must contain information that is both keywords rich and informative. The articles must also be properly formatted so that they will attract the attention of the search engines.


Ahrefs will help you master the process of search engine optimization through comprehensive features such as keywords research, competitor website analysis, content explorer, backlinks, and website rankings.

With Ahrefs, you will find that you can make a large amount of money on the Internet, making this tool’s proper use. Now, you will easily check your web pages and ensure that they are optimized properly. It’s also great if you want to check your blog to ensure that it is properly optimized.

There are also other popular SEO tools that you may want to consider purchasing to create an effective campaign. Once you start using the recommended tools, you will quickly realize that they are truly the foundation for creating a successful Internet marketing business.

You must be willing to put the time into learning how to use these tools to become one of the best Internet marketers in your industry.

5. Campaign Analyzing Tools

It’s important that you learn how to analyze your marketing campaign data effectively to build the strategy for the targeted traffic.

Google Analytics:

These tools will help you monitor the results of your marketing campaign effectively. These tools include widgets, reports, and tracking systems. The more appropriate searches you perform, the faster it will take you to see the competitor’s results. 

This tool will allow you to easily monitor which keywords people are using in your marketing efforts. You can find out what keywords people are typing in Google search to find your product. When you have this information, you can easily incorporate it into your marketing campaigns.

Traffic Travis:

One of the smartest ways to track your SEO results and determine what’s working is to take advantage of the powerful reports provided by Traffic Travis. This report breaks down the traffic sources you’re using for your website as well as where your visitors come from.

It gives you the information you need to optimize your pages and get the most out of each SEO effort you’re making. This is a must-have for any serious digital marketer who wants to increase their bottom line. This program won’t take much of your time and give you the insight you need to succeed online.

When you are marketing your product, you want to make sure that every aspect of the marketing effort that you are using is effective. For example, if you are running a PPC campaign, you want to make sure that the PPC ad you are using is highly converting. You can do this by using a tool SEO tool to create PPC ads highly effectively. They will help you analyze how effective your PPC ad is and give you tips on what changes you can make to your campaign to help it convert better.

All marketers need to consider a variety of different tools when running a successful campaign. The above are just a few of the ones you should consider. You may not need all of them for your business. Or, you may find that some of them are extremely useful over the others. In either case, it is important to consider them all before investing in the tools that you do need.

6. Social Media Analyzing Tools:

There are several Social Media Analysis tools available to you as a marketer. Some of these softwares are available for downloads or may be included as part of a paid membership. If you don’t think you can justify a premium program’s cost, there are dozens of free tools you can use.


Buzzsumo free tool is free and will allow you to create powerful posts in minutes that get tons of attention across social media channels. All you have to do is plug in the name of your business and get going. 

This will help you get your name out there as you launch your campaign.

Sprout Social:

The sprout social tool allows you to create great content based on keywords. Then you publish it on various social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Each time a user shares the content with their friends, you know how your social media performs.

This program also helps you track the hits you’re getting and the conversations your content generates. You can also use Sprout Social’s paid version, which has more advanced reporting and tracking capabilities. This program is great for any marketer and is a solid investment.

Market Samurai:

This tool is one of the most effective and comprehensive software designed for marketer’s keyword analysis. It offers dozens of features to help you succeed online by targeting the right keywords and is free to try. This is a powerful reporting tool that allows you to see real-time how your efforts are paying off.

If you’re serious about your business and want to use the best tools at your disposal, this is one of the best investments you can make. With the right tools, creativity, and dedication, you can build a successful Internet business that will pay off ten-fold in the long run.

Concluding Remarks:

Hopefully, you’ve learned a little bit about a few new tools that you never heard of before and a few more things about the tools you have used in the past. Once you have some basic knowledge about these tools, it is easy to understand why they are so important.

Marketing is such an essential part of running a business that there is no point in getting started if you don’t have the proper foundation. Tools are just as important as your website, so make sure that you have them in place to be in the market.

The above tools are just some of the many that can help you run a successful campaign. While some will work better than others depending on the niche you want to target, there are a handful of tools that should always be in your arsenal. I recommend that marketers must use all of these tools because they offer so many benefits.

By getting all of your tools in order, you will see your productivity increase dramatically. All you need is the focus and the determination to become a successful marketer. However, if you aren’t prepared to invest the organization’s time, you will waste your time with tools that aren’t beneficial to you.

To become a successful marketer, you need to consider everything before you run out and purchase anything. These were a few of many tools that all marketers must use for a successful campaign. For more such helpful tools, keep following this space.