Content Writing and Editing Tools For Beginners

4 Best Content Writing and Editing Tools For Beginners

Writing engaging and valuable content is important for content writers.

But crafting high-quality content takes time and often tremendous effort.

Content, if written amazingly, help you reach your target audience without any hassle.

In this way, you can drive more conversions and generate more leads for your business.

Google looks at the following things in the content:

  • Expertise
  • Authority
  • Trust

In times like these, you should find efficiency wherever you can. The same goes for writing and editing content.

The internet is the house of tools that help you write and edit content efficiently.

How to find the best writing and editing tools?

No worries!

With that in mind, we have created a list of the top four tools that help you write and edit content like a pro, even if you are a beginner.

Without further delay, let’s dig into these tools you should start using right now.


Content writing is all about writing top-notch content that strengthens your company.

But how do you come to know what is the most useful content?

How do you know that your content is tailored to your audience’s needs?

There is a simple answer to these two questions: take notes.

It is very important for content writers to take notes. They need to take notes in a way that is productive and efficient in all ways.

Taking notes helps you create content that best fits your site needs. In addition, it will also fine-tune your writing skills.

Gone are the days when people took notes using pen and paper.

These days, you should find efficiency wherever you can.

Here can help content writers to create content quickly.

Not only does this tool help you organize your ideas and thoughts, but it also helps you save time and effort.

Using this online notepad, you can easily create notes on any topic and save them on your device for later use.

All you need to do is visit this tool and start writing into its input section. Also, you can upload an already written copy from your device.

It will automatically save the content as you type into it. The written draft can be saved easily.

With this online tool, you can create task lists and craft outlines for your content.

Key Characteristics

●      Calculates word count

Writers have to keep track of word count. Using this tool, you do not need to count words manually.

Instead, it displays the total number of characters, words, and lines.

So you can stay inside the word limit using this notepad.

●      Integrated with Grammarly

Content writers commit numerous writing mistakes while writing an article. Therefore, it is very important to trace and remove all the grammar and punctuation mistakes.

The real ease factor of using is that it is integrated with Grammarly.

In this way, you can make your notes free from all writing flaws.

●      “Rich Text” feature

Its “Rich Text” feature lets you format your content like a pro. You can benefit from the following formatting elements of this tool:

  • Font face
  • Font size
  • Make the text bold & italic
  • Include tables, images, and hyperlinks in your text

●      Lock the text

With this notepad, you can also set a password for your text.


Writing unique content is challenging.

Even experienced writers face writer’s block. In this scenario, they prefer using an online paraphrasing tool to create original content.

What will you do if you have to write on a topic that has already been written about several times?

That’s where can be used to create engaging content without putting in tremendous effort.

As an AI-based tool, it helps you write unique content based on existing thoughts and ideas.

This online rephrasing tool removes plagiarism from the content. So you do not need to worry anymore if your content contains plagiarism.

You can remove plagiarism from your content effortlessly by using

It creates different versions of the same text with clarity without impacting the original message.

With this tool, you can:

  • Remove duplication from your content
  • Reproduce old text in brand-new sentences
  • Improve the readability of your text

Key Characteristics

●      Maintains core meaning

Based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), it does not disturb the true meaning of the text.

Instead, it keeps the original meaning unchanged.

●      Performs human-level paraphrasing

It paraphrases content smartly. The rewritten content is easy to read and comprehend. In this way, all readers can easily get the central idea.

Furthermore, the rephrased content will be 100% plagiarism-free.

●      Free grammar checker

It has an advanced grammar checker that helps you remove all the grammatical errors from the text.

So you can easily make your content error-free.

●      Free text summarizer

If you need to write a summary for your article, you can perform this task effortlessly by using this tool.

Its text summarizer wraps up the entire article in a few words.


Knowing the word count of your article can be very significant.
For example, if you have to write a 1000-word article for your client, you must write it within this word count.

In return, if you write 800 words, he will not be happy.

Accordingly, you need to make sure that your word count stays within a certain limit. can help you reach the exact word count.

All you need to do is copy-paste the text into its input section. It will display the total number of:

  • Characters with spaces
  • Characters without spaces
  • All characters
  • Words
  • Sentences
  • Pages

It also has a grammar checker feature. So it can be used to make the text error-free.

Key Characteristics

●      Free to use

You do not need to pay money to use this tool. It is entirely free to use.

In addition, you can use it as many times as you want.

●      Displays keyword density

Its keyword density feature shows you the keyword density of the article you have written.

In this way, you can better focus on the keyword percentage. Following this way, you can also avoid over-using specific keywords in your writing.

●      Access from anywhere

It is compatible with all devices and operating systems. Hence, you can access it from anywhere.

●      Formatting features

This online word counter also offers the following formatting features:

  • Increase font size
  • Decrease font size
  • Change the case

4.   Hemingway Editor

Last but not least, Hemingway Editor helps you edit your content professionally.

It highlights all sections of your text that need improvement, with different colors varying with the type of writing flaw found.

It highlights all complex and lengthy sentences in yellow. Thus, you can shorten long sentences.

Complicated and dense sentences can get your readers lost. As a result, they will skip reading your text.

Hemingway Editor highlights all those sentences in red. In this way, you can edit them.

Passive voice sentences can also impact your article’s readability. It colors all passive-voice sentences in green.

Key Characteristics

●      Powerful editing tool

Hemingway Editor is a powerful writing tool that streamlines your writing process.

●      Easy to use

It is a straightforward editing tool. In order to use this tool, you do not need to master rocket science.

Using this tool, you can bring smoothness to your writing.

●      Displays reading score

This editing tool also gives you a readability score. In this way, you can make your content highly readable.

Wrapping Things Up

These are the best tools that help content writers to create and edit content:

  4. Hemingway Editor

If you want to take your content writing skills to the next level, start using these tools right away.