How to Paraphrase the content


If you are a newbie and unaware of the word paraphrasing, then you are at the right place. You cannot just rephrase any content straight away without knowing the basics. Paraphrasing is beyond the change of wording now. It has become a complex skill that can only be enhanced by practicing.

Modern paraphrasing requires ideas yonder the current content. Updating and making the content modern is also involved in paraphrasing. Hence, without practicing and giving time, it will be difficult for you to paraphrase.

For beginners, it is hard to paraphrase any piece of content. They may take plenty of time to paraphrase a short-length text. If you are a newbie, no need to worry. We have a cracked formula to paraphrase the content in a few easy ways. So, stay tuned and read till the end.

2 R’s of Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is about extracting new, unique, updated, and enhanced content from rewording and rearranging the old content already published somewhere. However, effective paraphrasing is known as remaking new content from the old without changing the meaning.

The 2 R’s in paraphrasing refers to rewording and rearranging. These are the most important factors in paraphrasing because when we manipulate words and sentences, it’s rewording or rearranging that we perform.

Rewording is the change of words in a sentence, e.g. swapping the words and synonyms or using some other form of the verb in the sentence structure. Rearranging is, on the other hand, the change in the position of words, phrases, and sentences in a passage.

Ways to Paraphrase Content Efficiently

Here are seven ways to paraphrase content efficiently. Do follow them if you are new to paraphrasing and struggling to make content unique.

1. Use Synonyms

Synonyms are alternating words that can be used in place of the actual word. One word can have many synonyms but their tone and context can be different. Using a suitable alternative in place of an existing word is a good paraphrasing technique.

One can use Google or any well-received dictionary for finding synonyms to paraphrase their content. However, make sure to use appropriate synonyms that fit the intent of the content.

For example, suppose there is a sentence “The patient needs medicines for recovery” that you need to paraphrase. The best way to do it will be “The sick person requires medication for fast recovery” but if you follow Google, you will find the words like “victim” as a synonym for patient and “desire” as a synonym for need likewise. But in this sentence using the word “victim” and “desire” will be inappropriate because it doesn’t match the context of the sentence.

2. Rebuild Sentence Structure

Rebuilding the sentence structure is another effective way to paraphrase the content. Swapping the object with the subject and vice versa is a great example of rebuilding sentence structures. You can also divide a long sentence into two short ones. It will also help increase readability along with paraphrasing.

Just make sure not to disturb the intent of the content while restructuring the sentences. Put yourself in place of the audience and figure out whether the sentence would look good to them or not.

For example, if you need to restructure this sentence “John keep on skipping his classes and tried many times to deceive the teacher by copying his homework.” One of the best ways is to use transitional words in between and divide the sentence into two. “John keeps on skipping his classes. Moreover, he also tries to deceive his teacher with copied homework many times.”

3. Alter the Sentence Voices i.e., Active to Passive & Vice Versa

Changing the sentence voice from active to passive and passive to active is one more way to paraphrase the content. However, it is more viable to use active voice in your sentences. So, changing the passive voice to the active voice should be your priority and not the opposite. Making the sentence passive voice from active voice should be the last option in your paraphrasing list. This is because we need content quality along with uniqueness.

For example, “John ate five potatoes at the restaurant…” is an active voice sentence. Its passive voice will be “At the restaurant, five potatoes were eaten by John…” In active voice sentences, the subject and verb come before the object whereas in the passive voice sentences, the object comes prior to the subject and 3rd form of the verb is used.

4. Change the Writing Tone

There are multiple tones used in content writing, such as; informational, decisional, suggestive, queried, reviewing, etc. Therefore, altering the tone of the content can also help in paraphrasing the text. You have to make sure the tone change doesn’t affect the contextual meaning of the content.

The targeted audience should be your main focus when changing the tone of any content. A well-informed audience may get annoyed if they find the content tone to be basic and amateurish.

For example, in an informational tone, the sentence would read “Driving a car without a license is illegal in the USA” whereas the suggestion tone of writing this sentence would be “Never drive a car without a license in the USA because it’s illegal.” The decisional tone will be “Do not drive a car without a license in the USA”

All of this helps us in proving the fact that changing the tone can also help in paraphrasing a piece of content.

5. Use Different Word Forms

Changing different forms of verbs is another way to paraphrase the content. It can also be done by changing simple sentences into questions. After all, to change the word form, we need to modify the whole sentence because just changing the word form will disturb the intent of the sentence. An easy way to do this is to change the adjectives to nouns, verbs to nouns, nouns to verbs, etc.

6. Swap Bullets into Paragraphs & Vice Versa

Do include this technique in paraphrasing your content. It can be very effective and helpful for paraphrasing. As it involves a change in the formatting, it can make the content more readable and understandable. You can write bullet points instead of paragraphs and vice versa. Breaking down long paragraphs into two and merging segments from different paragraphs into one is another great way to make content unique…which is one reason why paraphrasing is done in the first place.

For example, there is a paragraph “Morning walk has many benefits. It makes you energetic and keeps you healthy. Moreover, persons who are regular morning walkers tend to perform better all day. A morning walk enhances your blood circulation and metabolism. It also helps in losing weight.”

However, this paragraph has no issue with it. But still, if we want to paraphrase, it will look like this;

Benefits of Morning Walk

  • Improves metabolism and blood flow;
  • Reduce body weight;
  • Makes you energetic and healthy.

7. Use AI Tools

AI paraphrasing tools can also assist in paraphrasing your content. The above-mentioned ways are working and helpful but they require a lot of effort and time. Moreover, paraphrasing in those ways may cause many complications and errors. Hence, using an online paraphrasing tool to paraphrase content can also be considered.

AI paraphrasers are technological tools that use AI and NLP to understand and reword content for you within a few seconds. Performing the same tasks with the above-stated techniques may take hours and include many errors.

All you just need is to provide the paraphrasing tool with content and hit the paraphrase or submit button. It will give you the rephrased content within a short time in the output box. An efficient paraphrasing tool paraphrases the content humanly in the ways we have discussed above.

Bonus Tip

Always proofread for errors and omissions in the paraphrased content regardless of manual and online paraphrasing. Try to involve a native language speaker in proofreading your content. This will help you eliminate every mistake in your content.

The second piece of advice we would like to give you is to paraphrase twice. If you are using an online paraphraser, you can get thorough results if the paraphrasing is done two times instead of one.


We design every post to help you in different ways and the same is the case with this post. The discussed methods are viable techniques to paraphrase a piece of content effectively. Among them, paraphrasing using an online tool can save you time and effort.

Moreover, online tools are free and can cut off your cost of hiring writers. Manual synonymizing, word changing, sentence restructuring, voice changing, etc. also works.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Keep visiting for new posts!