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Signs That Show That It’s Time to Upgrade Your WordPress Hosting

Web hosting is a service where website owners get a hosting infrastructure to boost their online presence. Hence, website owners look for different hosting plans to give their internet visitors a better web experience. However, if you have WordPress sites and hosting them with poor hosting plans, your site’s performance will be hampered, and the productivity of your website will decrease.

Therefore, you must have a good web hosting provider that offers a reliable WordPress hosting plan. If you want to get high speed server specially optimized for WordPress, try WordPress Cloud Hosting by MilesWeb.  

Also, if your WordPress site is working slowly and not functioning well, try fastest WordPress hosting with MilesWeb and enhance the browsing experience for your customers and visitors.

Remember that the growth of your website and the engagement rate is all depended on which kind of WordPress hosting plans are suitable. If you have a WordPress business website, pick a cPanel WordPress hosting by MilesWeb or upgrade your existing hosting plan. In this guide, we highlight certain signs that make your site suitable for visitors.

Types of Hosting

There are different web hosting services that you can upgrade from existing WordPress hosting plans to. Choose any one web hosting plan and meet your web hosting needs. Below are common web hosting services that you can switch from WordPress hosting services

  • Shared Hosting: In this type of web hosting, website owners get a portion of the server. And this physical server is distributed among different web hosting clients.
  • VPS Hosting: The Virtual Private Server hosting is a physical server categorized into different virtual servers. Every virtual server has an independent operating system and resources in this hosting.
  • Dedicated Hosting: A bare metal server is entirely allocated to a single hosting account user. And there are no server resources sharing with other users.
  • Cloud Hosting: In this type of web hosting, a cluster of interconnected servers host volumes of websites and applications on a cloud infrastructure. So, if one server fails in the hosting operation, another server in this network will continue the web hosting activity.

MilesWeb is the leading web hosting firm offering reliable hosting services and provides a reliable server to host volumes of websites and applications. Also, they provide guaranteed uptime of 99.95%, where website owners get an extended uptime and the maximum availability of websites. With their web hosting plans, you get WordPress hosting with cPanel to manage domains, FTP accounts and many more.

When do you need to Upgrade Your WordPress Hosting Plans?

1. Your Site Speeds Are Crawling Slowly

WordPress sites that are faster and give a good performance determine a successful website. It means website owners have to focus on User Experience and website size to enhance search engine rankings. However, if you have a sluggish website with an extended downtime could drive potential customers away.

Several research report shows that 79% of online shoppers would not prefer websites that take too much time to load. So, it shows an apparent loss of customer base and revenue. You need to test your WordPress site’s loading time, and several online tools will help you in testing.

Use them and check whether your site is accessible with fast speed or not. If not, switch to another web hosting plan or upgrade your WordPress hosting plan. MilesWeb offers four different WordPress hosting plans with different configurations.

2. When There Is a Requirement for Strengthening Security

Data security is a major concern for any website owner, and it emerges as the primary motivation to upgrade the web hosting plan. Although WordPress is not an unsecured CMS software, still you should not keep room for data breaches and security threats. Hence, host your business WordPress site and safeguard all sensitive information with hosting plans offering SSL certifications.

SSL certificates are an additional layer of data security comprised of several security features. They protect your site’s data to be transmitted over a more secure connection, so it’s harder for hackers to hack or intercept.

Once you have added SSL certificates to your domain your URL will get a prefix of https with a ‘padlock’ icon within your browser’s address bar. Hence, your site visitors are assured that their data is safe and your site is trustworthy.

3. Your Site’s Growth Requires More Server Resources

In a WordPress hosting plan, you have a limited server resource in which you can add a limited number of domain. But what if your site continuously grows? You need a greater access of server resources.

Furthermore, these additional server resources help in hosting websites having volumes of traffic. In simpler words, you can handle more traffic and generate revenue by upgrading WordPress hosting plans. Reliable web hosting providers do regular site backups and full access to your server. Thus, website owners get an ability to adjust site settings as you please – meaning you can tailor the operation of your growing site throughout its journey.

Exclusive addons that MilesWeb offers

  • Filtering of outgoing emails

To increase your security, automatically terminate scripts and accounts that have been compromised. Email delivery and security at scale.

  • High-End Site Scanner

Protect your website from malware and hackers. regularly checks your website and warns you right away if malicious code or a hack have been introduced.

  • Google Workspace

Gain access to professional Gmail at your domain, cloud storage on Google Drive, Calendar, Meet, and more for business when you upgrade to Google Workspace.

  • Boost mailbox capacity

Increase the capacity of each of your personal mailboxes.

Final Line

WordPress hosting plans are optimized for sites developed on WordPress. With MilesWeb, get amazing hosting plans with 1-click installer, cPanel, 24×7 customer support and many more. And scale your online biz.