Cloud and Dedicated Hosting

Cloud vs. Dedicated Hosting: What is Best for your Business?

There is one study conducted that 4 out 5 or roughly 84% of enterprises in the UK prefer Cloud services. The main reason behind using cloud services is that this technology infrastructure helps enterprises achieve goals and objectives efficiently. Thus, many enterprise owners worldwide experience the power of cloud hosting and host websites and applications with the same infrastructure. If you are someone searching for cloud hosting services try MilesWeb’s cloud hosting.

However, while discussing enterprise-level servers, how can one forget the key significance of dedicated servers. As the technology is emerging, enterprises worldwide prefer to save time with managed dedicated server, So here you can see plans for dedicated server hosting by MilesWeb. After all, web hosting companies will take the entire technical load to manage to host aspects in the managed support.

So, there is a continuous debate about which hosting plan is more suitable and reliable for users? Your business has to gain maximum outcome and generate profits. Keep reading this post to know what kind of hosting services is the perfect option.

Why Your Business Needs a Web Hosting Plan?

1. Your Website Needs to Be Dependable

As a business owner, you cannot afford the downtime of even seconds for your business site. If the server fails or experiences technical problems, your business may face a massive loss. So, avoid such negative circumstances by hiring a web hosting provider. Reliable web hosting companies like MilesWeb offer top-notch web hosting services with the managed support. Buy their managed web hosting plans and get access to 24×7 customer support.

In this customer support, they remove occasional downtime problems, and update and maintain websites. It means there will be no interruption of services, and your online visitors will get a smooth browsing experience.

2. Growing Businesses Require Scalable Hosts

Scalable hosting services are required to maximize the growth of your business. Or else the business growth will be stagnant. So, if your business website is gaining more traffic, opt for a higher storage servers and add additional storage capacity. With MilesWeb’s optimal web hosting plans, website owners get unlimited bandwidth and higher storage sites to host sites with volumes of traffic.

3. Keeping Sites Secured

Another major factor in online businesses is website security. Businesses worldwide face billion-dollar losses worldwide due to data breaches and online security concerns. Hence, SSL encryptions are available with secured web hosting plans to safeguard them. MilesWeb offers free SSL certifications to all hosted domains to do not compromise security that leads to lost data and even privacy breaches.

Now, after reading brief info about why web hosting services are essential for businesses, here come the pros of cloud and dedicated hosting services.

Cloud hosting add Ons that MilesWeb offers

  • Data Migrations: It is for users who want to migrate their data risk free with no loss of files, folders or the database.
  • Fully managed services: Pass on the technical burden to web hosting technical experts to sort out all technical burdens.
  • Server Security Suite: Safeguard your sites from vulnerable cyberthreats.

Pros of Cloud Hosting

1. No Physical Server Hardware

The best part of cloud hosting infrastructure is that there is no requirement for physical hardware. In this type of hosting, a cloud infrastructure of the cluster of interconnected servers hosts websites. Thus, if one server fails or experiences technical problems, another server in the same network will host websites. That is why enterprises prefer cloud servers.

2. Pay only for what you need.

Unlike dedicated hosting, you don’t have to pay for entire server resources. Pay only for utilized resources and eliminate the burden of paying a hefty amount to access hosting infrastructure.

3. Flexibility

The requirement of server size and configurations will grow as you will scale up your business. Trustworthy cloud hosting service providers offer flexible RAM sizes or disk space. Thereby, website owners easily configure volumes of applications and host unlimited domains.

Pros of using dedicated servers

1. Control on Resources

As a biz owner, you will be getting an entire control over dedicated servers and configure the server according to your business requirements.

Full Security Compliance

In dedicated hosting, there are no server resources sharing among different hosting account users. Hence, there are less chances of data breaches and hacking attempts. However, while purchasing, you might find it an expensive deal, but there is a profitable outcome in the long run.

2. Isolated Hosting Environment

Dedicated servers give an isolated hosting environment that prevents website owners’ databases from noisy neighbors.

Which to consider?

After reading the pros of both web hosting services, you might have the question of which one is the best to consider? To answer this question, biz owners have to look on different parameters like costs and server size.

In terms of cost, cloud hosting services are comparatively cheaper and more affordable than many small biz owners can afford. However, the server size is more available with dedicated hosting servers compared to cloud hosting servers.

Final Words

In the debate of cloud vs dedicated hosting, most website owners will prefer cloud hosting if there is a cost limitation. But affordable dedicated web hosting services are also available with a top-notch web hosting companies like MilesWeb. Get full root SSH access, SSL encrypted servers and higher bandwidth to host unlimited domains.